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About Hue Hunter


Guess the composition of colors that make up a target color. Get as close as you can!


Guess 5 colors specific to today

Guess as many colors as you like

See the result of your color selection

Color Modes

Red, Green, Blue
These are additive, like light. As you add colors, the final color grows lighter.

RGB color mix

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
These are subtractive, like ink. As you add colors, the final color gets darker.

CMYK color mix

Created in Denver with ❤️ by Peter Organisciak


Play mode DailyInfinitePractice
Color mode RGBCMYK


How to Play

You're given a target color, and you have to guess what composition of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black combine to make the target.

Get as close as you can. Each day has 5 target colors to get as high a score as possible.

Before you start, try Practice Mode. There's also an easier RGB mode.

Tip: CMYK mode is based on inks, and is subtractive: it gets darker as you add color. Black is redundant - you can make any color without it if you like!